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Turkish Black Tea ( Caykur Rize Turist ) 17.6 oz.

Turkish Black Tea ( Caykur Rize Turist ) 17.6 oz.

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When the Turkish culture is an indispensable drink of tea, tea, one of the brands that come to the first mind, the tea is to the highest levels. Tea Fields are carefully collected with the leaves of Çaykur Rize tourist tea makes you get the most intense taste with the least leaf. Tea Rize Tea, Tea, you enjoy the best quality for a long time.

Tea Rize Rize Tea is the most beautiful manner to enjoy the temli tea you are used to. With the intense red color and tasty aroma, Tea Rize tourist tea is the nominated to be indispensable to stop tea without drinking tea. Add your tea leaves to your taste to your taste, brew it with drinking water. You can enjoy your warm tea enjoyment when the intensity is reached.

Recommendations of use
To avoid the traditional aroma and the smell of Çaykur tea, it should be used for a tea cup to brew in the full consistency of the Tea Cup in each glass, color and smell in each glass, and the firing of the hearth of the hearth of the hearth in the teapot and 13 - 15 min. Should be left to be brewed. The Çaykur tea must be consumed in half an hour and be brewed again in half an hour.


Storage Conditions
Keep in cool and dry environment

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