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Tomurcuk Earl Grey Tea ( Caykur Rize ) 4.4 oz.

Tomurcuk Earl Grey Tea ( Caykur Rize ) 4.4 oz.

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Çaykur Tomurcuk Tea, which has been specially developed for drinkers, brings the pleasure of tea to the peak with its impressive aroma. Tomurcuk Tea is obtained by collecting the immature leaves of the fresh sprouts. The product, which succeeds in revealing its difference with its taste and creates a habit, makes tea drinking more enjoyable with its natural bergamot scent.

Çaykur Tomurcuk Tea, which can be brewed by mixing with many different types of tea, provides blends with high drinking quality. It is enough to use a small amount of the product, which has a strong aroma and smell, while blending with other types of tea. Users who want the tea mixture to be more intensely flavored and fragrant can create the blend they want by increasing the amount of Tomurcuk Tea.

Black Tea, naturel bergamot aroma.

Storage Conditions
Store in a cool and dry environment

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