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Koska Halva with Pistachio 14.11 oz.

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Koska Halva with Pistachio increases the abundance of tables with its nostalgic taste. Continuing its activities since 1907, Koska Halvaları produces Koska Halva with Pistachio by combining the flavors of pistachio and tahini halva. Tahini halva, in which the best quality sesame seeds are selected, is specially prepared in stone mills. Tahini halva, which is as healthy and hearty as it is delicious, continues the centuries-old tradition.

The product, which is stored in cool and dry environments until the expiration date, should be stored in the refrigerator after opening and consumed within 1 week.

You can also try different dessert recipes with pistachio tahini halva, which is especially preferred after fish menus. The product, which should be consumed by young and old people who need energy, is also recommended for athletes and growing children.

Tahini (containing sesame) (57%), sugar, pistachio (8%), emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), gypsum extract, acidity regulator (citric acid), flavoring (vanillin)

Storage Conditions
Store in a cool and dry environment